Was Jesus Tempted from Within?

By Waggoner and Jones

Whether temptation be from within or from without, He is the perfect shield against it all; and so saves to the uttermost all who come unto God by Him. The Consecrated Way page 34. A T Jones.

There was in His whole life a struggle.  The flesh, moved upon by the enemy of all righteousness, would tend to sin, yet His Divine nature never for a moment harboured and evil desire, nor did His Divine power for a moment waver.  Having suffered in the flesh all that men can possibly suffer…, having suffered all that sinful flesh is heir to, He knows all about it, and so closely does He identify Himself with His children that whatever presses upon them makes a like impression upon Him and he knows how much Divine power is necessary to resist it; Christ and His Righteousness pages 29-31. Waggoner.

What the SDARM teach:


What really happened in 1888.



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